planetbag, srqntbarnes, infinitiy

planetbag - even before going to the blog im excited because of their url. theme is again, nice and simple, but pretty. posts are good. i love that the navi buttons are times, i dunno why. 

srqntbarnes - love this theme, especially the hogwarts on the side. good fandom blog, captain america isn’t my thing as much as other things but its still good! love their navi page, like WHOA they are organized. 

infinitiy - definitely an aesthetic blog, but that’s in their description! cute theme, love love love their about page (i need to figure out how to install an about page like that) 

rustsoul, sherlaque, 45px

rustsoul - posts are a++, definitely has a nice aesthetic, the blogger seems nice too! 

sherlaque - i love this friggin blog so much im not gonna lie. i wish i knew the blogger they seem rockin’ sockin’. 10/10 would recommend 

45px - clever clever url, love it. their theme is so nice and clean. posts are a-okay. overall good!

Send me some urls and I will tell you what I think about them.
you should do blogrates

ooh alright babe, comin’ right up ;) 

got through An Evening with Robin Williams laughing my ass off only to start bawling at the end..


see ya guys tomorrow on platform 9 3/4