It's the summer of George

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lord i want that money. 

im back max

where did we go right

where did we go wrong

gimme those books

fat fat fatty

gimme those books

fat fat fatty


Petition for John to adopt a Gladstone once all of the drama surrounding Mary/Baby Watson/Moriarty has been resolved and he finally moves back into 221B.

Bonus points if he knows nothing  of Redbeard at that point, and Sherlock initially acts indifferent towards it (Just keep it away from my experiments, John) only to get caught being totally enamored with it.

Basically I’d give a limb for a scene in S5 where John comes home early from the surgery one day to find Sherlock passed out cuddled with the dog while Gladstone looks up with his head on Sherlock’s shoulder like, “What? This is totally what goes down whenever you’re gone.”

this is my night. meds and swollen faces.


Because it’s too pretty to keep to myself here is the first piece of fan art I’ve ever commissioned! It’s by the fantastic archiaart and is based on Birthday Boy by 221b-hound. I love the story and as soon as I read the descriptions of the outfit and jewelry in it I thought of archia’s style of art. I did change a few things and make Sherlock’s outfit more monochrome but I think it still works. :) 

I cannot remember where I came across Birthday Boy but I’m guessing it was atlinmerrick or sherlock-in-heels. In any case I have them to thank for my new hobby of browsing heels for Sherlock.


ROYALS COME TOGETHER OVER ME (a mix for any occasion, alone or with friends. Found on tumblr (all rights to owners) these are the essential mashup tracks for any lover of alternative music. Perfect for anything from homework to dancing like no one is watching.)

"We’ll never be royals, come together, right now over me."

01. Royals Come Together - Lorde vs The Beatles // 02. Come & Get It at the Races - Lana Del Rey Vs Selena Gomez // 03. Die Young in the Cave - Mumford and Sons Vs Ke$ha /// 04. Sleepy Kids - Passion Pit Vs MGMT // 05. Applause For The Homewrecker - Marina & the Diamonds vs Lady Gaga // 06.This is What Makes It Paradise - Lana Del Rey Vs Coldplay // 07. Valley of the Dark Horse - Katy Perry Vs Mariana & The Diamonds // 08. Radioactive Love - Imagine Dragons Vs Florence + The Machine // 09. Pumped Up Kicks Die Young - Ke$ha Vs Foster The People // 10. Team Rude Boy - Rihanna Vs Lorde // 11. Give Your Heart a Wrecking Love Song - Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato // 12. Don’t Stop The Fat Rat - Foster The People Vs Fat Rat



The Great Gatsby (2013)

gross me after wisdom teeth under the cut 

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An Edit a Day - Benedict Cumberbatch - [367/?] - [x]

BBC Sherlock - Hands

[original screen caps by 221caps​ made black and white by drunkcrimesolving]


Grease (1978)


Pulp Fiction (1994)

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